Screw Diameter: 90 mm
Output: Up to 300 Kg/h
Degassing: Yes

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EUROTECNO Recycling Line

Recycling line for PE and PP materials

Brand & Model: EUROTECNO G 1000

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, PP

Screw diameter: 90 mm

Output: Up to 300 kg/h, depending on the type of material and
feeding rate.

Degassing: Degassing in the middle of the machine

Screen changer:  Yes

Material feeding system: Conveyor belt

Extruder hopper type: Force feeder

Pelletising system: Strang Pelletising system

Attachments and accessories:

  • Water bath
  • Silo for grinded material
  • Silo for pellets