Polycell PCS 1830-A

Bubble Wrap Cast Extruder

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Multi-Layer Bubble Wrap Film Line

Used Polycell Cast Film Extruder for sale

Multi layer bubble wrap film line for sale by Euro Machinery. Excellent machine for an excellent price.

Manufacture & model: Polycell PCS 1830-A

Materials to be processed: PE film, Foam, Paper

Extruders: Screw diameter 125 mm

Die: Flat die type

Lips width: 2000 mm

Output: 400 kg/h at 110g /42 m/min


  • 4 layers,
  • Heating coating unit


  • Max. diameter 1200mm
  • Max. width 1830mm


  • Automatic
  • Max. diameter 1500mm
  • Max. width 1830mm


  • Edge trim cutting and grinding Engin Plast
  • Heat roller temperature controller
  • Circulation tank
  • Please contact us for a full list