Hosokawa Alpine




Hosokawa Alpine - global leaders in the field of blown film extrusion



Euro Machinery ApS represents HOSOKAWA-ALPINE, in Denmark and Sweden.

Hosokawa Alpine is one of the global leaders in the field of blown film extrusion technology for the manufacture of thin plastic films. 


  •         Hosokawa Alpine supply mono-layer to 11 layer co-extrusion systems
  • Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation - TRIO System
  • Hosokawa Alpine film orientation lines (MDO)
  • Hosokawa Alpine X-Die - the best-blown film die in the World
  • Hosokawa Alpine V-Ring for maximum stability and throughput

Alpine’s vast experience and knowledge combined with high quality standards, reliability,
      and continuous innovation fuel the consistent 
growth of the blown film division.


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