Used Printing Presses

Used Printing Presses from brands like W&H, Comexi , Uteco ect. The biggest advantages for flexo printing are fast speed, possibility to print on different kinds of material, low costs per unit and a good quality of machines. Euro Machinery specializes in selling machines for flexographic printing and printing presses. Please contact us today and we can help you find the machine that will best suit you. We offer well known brands such as COMEXI, W&H, Flexotecnica, FISHER & KRECKE and other brands we have for sale at the moment. Central impression Printing presses that can print on plastic film and paper products. We have many gearless color 8 color printers in our machine database.

  • Filippini Paganini stack in line printer
    Ref. No.: 4335

    Printing Width: 2000 mm
    Material Width: 2100 mm
    Print Repeat: Up to 1600 mm

  • W&H Merkur Rotogravure printerW&H Merkur Rotogravure PrinterW&H Merkur Rotogravure Printer
    Ref. No.: 10143

    2 Colours
    Printing Width: 2030 mm
    Material width: 1000 mm – 2040 mm
    Print repeat 516 mm – 1100 mm

  • Combi Flexo PrinterCombi Flexo PrinterCombi Flexo PrinterCombi Flexo Printer
    Ref. No.: 4655

    4+2 Colors
    PE, PP, OPP, PET and Paper
    Printing Width: 860 mm
    Print repeat: 310 mm – 1100 mm

  • W&H Rotogravure printing press
    Ref. No.: 10142

    7 Colours
    Print Repeat: 480 mm – 1050 mm
    PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper

  • Fischer & Krecke CI flexo printerFischer & Krecke CI Flexo Printer
    Ref. No.: 4280

    8 Colors
    Printing width: 1250 mm
    Material width: 1270 mm

  • SCHIAVI CI Flexo PrinterSCHIAVI CI Flexo PrinterSCHIAVI CI Flexo Printer
    Ref. No.: 4279

    10 Colors
    Printing width: 1270 mm
    Material Width: 1320 mm

  • Fischer & Krecke Gearless PrinterFischer & Krecke Gearless PrinterFischer & Krecke Gearless Printer
    Ref. No.: 4278

    8 Colors
    Printing width: 1250mm
    Material width: 1300mm

  • BOBST Rotopak
    Ref. No.: 10140

    8 Colors
    Printing Width: 1225 mm
    Material Width: 1250 mm

  • Uteco EMERALD Flexo Printer
    Ref. No.: 4275

    8 colors
    Printing Width: 800 mm
    Material Width: 850 mm

  • BOBST Rotomec Rotogravure
    Ref. No.: 10141

    10 Colors
    Up to 450 m/min
    BOPP, PET, BOPA and more

  • CMF Stand alone stack flexoprinter
    Ref. No.: 4654

    6 Colours
    Printing width: 1600 mm
    Material width: 1660 mm
    PE, PP,Cellophane, Paper

  • Uteco Stand alone stack flexo printerUteco Stand Alone Stack Flexo Printer
    Ref. No.: 4653

    Printing width: 1000 mm
    Material width: 1050 mm
    Print Repeat: 300 mm – 800 mm
    6 colors