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Cast film extrusion machinery | Second-hand Windmöller & Hölscher Filmex | 5-layers | Die - 3000 mm | Up to 1000 kg/h | With trimmer and EREMA pelletizer!

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Cast film extrusion system | 5-layers

Multi-layer cast film making machine in good condition

Materials to be processed: hoPP/coPP/Borstar/Matalocen/Borcene/recycling extracts/ General Purpose CPP Packaging Films, Lamination Films, Thermoforming PA film, PA film

2 x 70/30D
1 x 150/30D (with melt pump)
1 x 90/30D

Screen Changer: Hydraulic

5 layers Cloeren 3000 mm die
Airknife by frequency controlled
2 chambers vacuum box

Lips width: 2700 mm

Lip gaps adjustable: 15-250 microns

Output: Up to 1000 kg/hour depending on material formulation


Primary: 1000 mm diameter electromatt finishing
Secondary: 2×400 mm hard chromed plated

3000 FILMATIC M Contact/Gap
Maximum line speed 150 m/min
Reels diameter up to 1050 mm
Winding width 2700 mm
Contact/GAP type
3/6 inches air expanding shaft
Roll unloading system

Accessories: Many units available. Includes a side trimmer and EREMA Pelletizer with through-output of 180 kg/h!

Please contact us for a full list and a price. This cast film extrusion line can be seen in production. Available for inspection upon agreement.