ER WE PA – Used Sheet Extrusion line

Sheet width min-max:  300mm -900mm
Materials to be processed: PP, EVOH
Min & max material thickness: 400 microns to 2 mm
Dosing system: Single component
Number of extruders: 4 extruders
Screen changer: Yes
Melt pump or Gear pump: Melt pump
Feed Block: 7 layer 2 set it can run 3-5-7 layer
Die head: 2 set 1-1000mm 2-400mm
Feed block Feed block for layer A-B-A, which allows the adaptation of co-extruder to produce thin coextruding layers of rigid PVC on the upper and lower surface of the expanded sheets
Calendar: Diameter 500mm x3
Number of rolls: 3
Roll position: Any position possible
Cooling: 2 Set
Type of Rewinder: 2pcs single set
Condition: In good working condition, Can be seen in production.