Netplasmak NP-CR100

6345 Netplasmak NP-CR100 Used Granulator

Netplasmak NP-CR100 Used Granulator for waste

Secondhand Granulator for waste processing.

Rotor: Length 1000 mm x diam. 700 mm

Cutter House: 6 pcs rotor knives, 4 pcs stator knives

Motor speed: 1500 rpm

Screen size:

  • Screen 1: 9.5 mm holes
  • Screen 2: 13.5 mm holes

Output: Up to 1500 kg/h depending on the type of material,
blower and feeding rate.

Material that can be processed: Post-consumer, post-industrial, or agricultural plastic
waste in the form of film, rigid or foam.

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