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Used HERBOLD HV50 Agglomerator

Used Plast-Agglomerator

Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PS, PA, PET

Output: up to 600 kg/h

Main parts and accessories: 

  • Shear. GUIX. 800 x 600mm
  • Shredder 2x axes. Power: 7.5Kw. RIPPER, Opening: 800 x 450 mm
  • Sorting table Length: 3 m x width: 1.60m
  • Trommel 2m length. Holes D-25
  • Conveyor belt with metal detector S+ 5. HERBOLD, length 3.5 m x width 0.40m
  • Mixing silo 8000 kg
  • Agglomerator HERBOLD HV50. Power: 110 Kw ( 2x sets of blades + plates for spare)
  • Cooling stainless cyclone 4 meter
  • Granulator HERBOLD SMS50. Power: 37Kw (3x sets of blades + 2 hoppers for spare)
  • Zigzag fines separation
  • Stainless cyclone D-220 x 4000 for filling big bag
  • Spares extra: galvanized conveyor 4 meters long x 0.40 wide

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.