Saldoflex Roll-Flex DT1



Saldoflex Roll-Flex DT1  | Used Roll Bag Machine

Secondhand Bag making machine for production of roll bags.

Type: Bag making machine for bags on roll

Type of production: 

• Garbage bags
• Different type of bags on roll
• Garbage bags with perforation
• Draw tape bags

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE; LLDPE, recyclable and Bio Degradable Materials, Thickness 10 my(HDPE)- 300my (LDPE)

Roll change/min: Up to 18 changes/min

Sealing width: 1300 mm

Draw length (bag length):  From 300 to 1300 mm

Number of lines: 1 or 2

Linear Speed: Up to 160 m/min

Bags per min: Up to 260 cpm

Driving System: PLC Controlled, Servo motor driven

Attachments and Accessories:

✓ Photocell for printed film
✓ Label applicators with print registration
✓ Unwinder is motorised
✓ Draw tape insertion module
✓ After punch vacuum removal device
✓ Sealing module
✓ Folding station
✓ Double winder
✓ Anti-static bars

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.