KAMPF Unislit II 630


Secondhand KAMPF Unislit II 630

Used Winder & Slitter

Material to cut: Flexible films, cast CPP, PA, BOPET, BOPP, metalized foils, paper/film laminates, paper/paper laminates.

Cutting type (razor/rotary): Razor blade cut in groove/in air.

Cutting Section:

– 5 pcs of Razor blade holders mounted on travelling carriages
– Knife holders are equipped with a groove finding aid.
– The positions of the knives are shown on a measuring scale that is fixed on the crossbar.
– 1 pcs driven grooved bottom knife shaft

Slitting Width: Min 290 mm


  • Type of unwinder: Complete unwind with lift-in device.
    Parent roll take-up with roll take-up arms.
  • Max roll diameter: 1300 mm
  • Max roll width: 3550 mm
  • Max roll weight: 4000 kg


  • Type of winder: Individual rewind stations
    – 3 reinforced stations
    – 1 heavy duty winding station
  • Max winding width: 3050 mm
  • Max roll diameter: 1200 mm
  • Max working speed: 1200 mm/min
  • Max Roll Weight:
    • 2000 kg winding station driven on 1 side
    • 3000 kg winding station driven on 2 sides

Paper core diameter(s): 3” and 6”

Other Information:

– Material threading device
– Overhead web path
– Contact roll section
– Parking space for contact roll units
– Complete pressure control
– Parking space for the winding stations
– Electrical and pneumatic connections
– PLC, Siemens S 7, programmable control
– Master Computer Visualization
– Recipe management
– KAMPF Service Portal (Internet remote access)

Condition: In good working condition.