Parkland Ultima 300

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  • 5701 Parkland Ultima 300 1300mm (3)
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Used Slitter Re-winder

Available slitter rewinder in good condition 


Material to cut:
Film: thickness – 10 to 100 microns
Laminates: thickness – 20 to 100 microns

Cutting type (razor/rotary):

Number of cutting knives: 11 pcs

Slitting width: Min 50 mm – max 600 mm

Type of un-winder: integral shaftless unwind unit having arms mounted on the linear bearing slides

Max roll diameter: 800 mm

Max roll width: 1300 mm

Max roll weight: 600 kg

Type of winder: Duplex rewind units

Max winding width: 1300 mm

Max roll diameter: 600 mm

Max working speed: 300 m/min

Paper core diameter(s): 77.4 mm & 152 mm

This used slitter re-winder on hand can be seen in production. Equipped with many units and accessories.

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