Weima WLK 20 Super Jumbo – Used Shredder


Weima WLK 20 Super Jumbo – Used Shredder


  • Rotor diameter: 600mm, 2000mm width
  • E-Rotor with Vaudit coating
  • Concave ground reversible cutting knives (60 x 60 mm)
  • 3 rows of knives on E-Rotor (knife quality PERFORMANCE)

Cutterhouse: 2000mm x 1845mm, volume 6.4m3

Screen Size: 80 mm hole

Output: 1000-1500 kg/h depending on the type of material, and feeding rate, screen size.

Hopper inlet: 2265mm X 2400mm

Material that can be processed: PE films

Number of rotor knives at 40/60/80: 147/78/55

Addtional Infomation:

  • Electrical cabinet with PLC control system
  • Offset rotor bearings (low-maintenance / closed)
  • Hydrodynamic centrifugal clutch
  • Anti-vibration foundation

Condition: In good working conditions. Can be seen in production.