Macro-Perforating station for Stretch Films

Macro-Perforating station
Stretch Film
Up to 508 mm Width


Macro-Perforating station for Stretch Films

For processing Stretch Films

Macro-Perforating station for Stretch Films. The machine is in stock and ready to be shipped.

Brand & Model: HolloWrap Converting

Application: Macro perforation of Stretch films. Hot perforation.


The Macro-Perforated film is developed from reinforced polymer
matrix with 100% polyethylene, making it easy to recycle and
distribute after use and it is also available for manual or machine

The Macro-Perforated film allows for fast cooling and drying of
palletised products.

It is as applied as regular stretch film, with good stability of load.
With a retention strength offering good stability, the film ensures
constant temperature that avoids the overheating of merchandise

Film thickness range: 12 – 30 microns (depending on film specifications)

Mother rolls width: Up to 508 mm

Line speed: Up to 80 m/min

Winder: Double unwinder & winder for 2 lane productions.

Heating system: Gas

Accessories: Chiller unit