FAS Contiflex

Ширина: 350 мм
Длина: 315 мм
Скорость: 75 м/мин

номер: 1071 Категория: Метка:

FAS Contiflex  – Б/у машина для рулонных пакетов

This is small production line for bags on roll, consisting of monolayer blown film extruder, roll bag machine and winder.

This FAS roll bag making machine can produce:

Bottom seal bags on roll
Freezer bags
Different type of bags on roll
Dog “s” bags
Bags on roll without paper core

The material that can be processed is:
LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE and recycled extracts

Sealing width: 350mm

Draw length (bag length): From 315

Number of lines: 1

Linear speed: Up to 75 m/min

Driving system:
PLC controlled
Clutch & Brake

Attachments and Accessories:
Original chain type spinner which has been modernized and has linear bearings
with cylinders instead of chain to move accumulator
Alpine mono extruder
Mono layer extruder on rotating platform
Die head of diameter 80mm
Three components dosing system
Take off
Rollers to FAS line

This FAS machine is available for immediate delivery.