Lab Ekstrudere EM LabEx – test af blæsefolie

Three Layer Lab Extruder R&D test of new polymers, MaterBi, Bio-based plastic materials, RECYCLED granules, processing small batches

EM LabEx – test granulaterne inden lancering i produktionen

Euro Machinery is an OEM of lab extruders

New grains and polyethylene formulas are entering the market due to the demand for more environmental friendly solutions for end-products. Bio-plastics and Bio-degradable products become more demanded. This calls for a need to test material before launching the material into the master batches. Therefore, we would like to show here our lab lines the EM LabEx25-1 and EM LabEx-3.

Lab Extruders – 2  models

The EM LabEx25-1 and EM LabEx25-3 models are ideal for new material formula development, film blowing property test, master batch colour dispersion test, optimization of blown film extrusion process parameters, or simply for production of monolayer tubular blown film. The lab extruder can process biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, recycled material, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, masterbatch, plastic additives, as well as functional masterbatch. The Lab extruders are useful machines to analyse the film blowing properties of a given material.

Until the 23. of October we are showing our 3-layer blown film lab extruder on the K fair 2019. We make tests on the EM LabEx 3-layer extruder, and we are performing real-life demonstrations. On the EM LabEx we have tested e.g. recycled grains, and the I’m Green resin from Braskem made from sugar cains.

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