EM GRAN – Granulators for Plastic and rubber granulation

EM GRAN – Granulators for Plastic and rubber granulation

Euro Machinery is an OEM and offers granulators for plastic granulation

The EM GRAN granulators are strongly and compactly built.
There are several models for any granulation purpose. The granulator model EM GRAN BA 15  is at
our Stand at the K 2019 (Hall 16, stand C 65) from the 16.-23. of October 2019. Click here for more details.
If you need a granulator for shredding or granulating plastics or rubber we are here to provide the right granulator. All the granulators have a cutting process, which causes less dust and powder in the environment. The cutting chambers is of hard steel and thus has a good wear resistance and easy maintenance.


EM Granulator models


EM GRAN BA for larger plastic materials
The EM GRAN BA granulator models can process larger and thicker materials, like plastic drums, barrels, containers, cans, bottles and similar. Furthermore, the rotary and stationary blades are set in a V-shape angle. As a result, this angel makes finer cuts and generate more even pieces.

EM GRAN MO for profiles
The EM GRAN MO granulator models are equipped with flake cutter blades and perfectly process small to medium sized sheets, plastic tubes, PVC pipes, computer boards, plastic shells, profiles, plastic boxes, and thermoformed products. Moreover, the MO granulators can operate long hours leading to higher productivity.

EM GRAN PE for leather PET bottles and more
The EM GRAN PE granulator models are adapted with a unique scissor V shaped cutter saddle, which is for processing materials such as leather, PE film, PET bottles, large hollow products, soft plastics and similar products.

EM GRAN RU for rubber
EM GRAN RU has two cutting type options: The claw type and the flat type. As a result, this granulator is perfect for cutting larger, harder and thicker materials as rubber products. The flat type granulator is ideal for all types of large, relatively thin and soft materials, like water bottles, films, blow moulded parts, hollow products, etc.

EM GRAN SH for injection molding
The EM GRAN SH granulator models run with high speed rotation to give a rapid grinding cycle. Moreover, the SH model can recycle on the spot, and can granulate a wide range of film and foil, edge trims from blown film, small plastic items from injection or blow moulding.

EM GRAN SL for injection molding
The EM GRAN SL models have low speed rotation, and are designed to regrind runners from injection moulding. Thereafter, the EM GRAN SL recycles them directly back into the machine. As such, no screen mesh is necessary.

EM GRAN SM for injection moulding and film
The EM GRAN SM models run with medium speed rotation. Therefore, they are perfect to install besides collectors, injection moulding machines, or extruders for spot recycling. The EM GRAN SM can granulate a wide range of materials, such as film and foil, edge trims from blown film, small plastic items from injection or blow moulding.

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